Natural language processing AI

An automatic response system using natural
language processing AI

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Our online customer service tool allows you to respond naturally such as greetings, answers, and apologies in multiple languages in an automated 24 hours 7 days chat format.

You can choose how to use a mango code (QR code) depending on your needs, such as embedding it on your homepage or app, or printing and distributing the mango code.

Our chatbot does not require a lot of time and effort for initial setting of a chotbot. We provide a flexible and easy-to-use service even after chatbot service starts.

Features of Mangoseed Chatobt

QR-codedEasy, and fast connectivity.Extremely Convenient

Unlike existing chatbot platforms, no app downloads are required. Users can easily access our chatbot by reading QR codes attached to consumer products on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Through our original technology
Multilingual development with a QR code

Mangoseed chatbots can answer in multiple languages ​​with one browser without switching languages. Now you don’t need language management.

Unique technology, AI secretaries
Answer back with voice

If you’re not good at typing, you can answer back with voice, and it’s available to people of all ages.

Usages of Chatbot


  • Customer Information
  • Response to Inquires


  • Tourist Information
  • Tourist attraction Information


  • Company Manual
  • Educational matieral for new empolyees

Inquires about Mangoseed chatbot

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Natural language processing AI

Interactive / Predictive / Machine Translation(Chatbot ・Smart Speakers)

We use our own natural language processing AI technology to provide solutions to a variety of inquiries.

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Image processing AI

Image recognition/Defect determination/Image correction(AOI)

Our company contributes not only to optical visual inspection equipment (AOI/AVI), but also to inspection equipment for smartphones, tablets, electronic devices, and core parts of the automobile industry related to self-driving.

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Sound processing AI

Interactive system/Voice generation/Voice correction(Karaoke Scoring, Communication Robot)

We will support the music industry more broadly through our own sound processing and analysis AI Karaoke application (Music Battle), which analyzes customers' voices in detail and scores more accurately.

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