Image processing AI

As a manufacturer of optical appearance
inspection equipment with global cooperations
for a long time.
Leading the industryAOI/AVI

We contribute to automobile industry by providing fuel cells, Leadframes, and printed circuit boards for semiconductors, as well as core components for mobile devices such as displays, printed circuit boards, touch panels, and ceramic boards. It is all due to our development technology such as image processing engine, optical design, mechanical design, electrical, electronic, inspection and handling software. We provide technology to be chosen from customers in the field.

With AI for image processing
Optimization of inspection quality

Our company’s own image processing artificial intelligence (Deep-learning/Machine learning) uses the industry’s first self-learning method. AI usually learns by itself along with verification work, eliminating the time and difficulty of collecting data for learning and interacting with companies.
Our AI will greatly improve your inspection process and quality.

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Global Leader in AI
Converging Technology

Natural language processing AI

Interactive / Predictive / Machine Translation(Chatbot ・Smart Speakers)

We use our own natural language processing AI technology to provide solutions to a variety of inquiries.

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Image processing AI

Image recognition/Defect determination/Image correction(AOI)

Our company contributes not only to optical visual inspection equipment (AOI/AVI), but also to inspection equipment for smartphones, tablets, electronic devices, and core parts of the automobile industry related to self-driving.

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Sound processing AI

Interactive system/Voice generation/Voice correction(Karaoke Scoring, Communication Robot)

We will support the music industry more broadly through our own sound processing and analysis AI Karaoke application (Music Battle), which analyzes customers' voices in detail and scores more accurately.

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